Places to Visit Dedham (Village)

Quintessential English Village

The Lion at East Bergholt is a great base from which to explore the village of Dedham and the wider, picturesque Dedham Vale. Dedham is a traditional English village offering local shops, pubs and tea rooms. The Dedham Vale AONB extends across the Essex and Suffolk boarder and incorporates miles of stunning countryside to explore.

Explore Dedham Village

The village of Dedham is situated less than two miles South East of East Bergholt and well worth a visit during your stay at The Lion. Dedham can be reached in 5 minutes by car or, better still, is around a two mile walk where you can take in stunning views over the Dedham vale. The village itself is situated in the heart of this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (ANOB) and is a lovely example of a quintessential English village.

Dedham Village

Dedham’s History & Culture

Dedham is steeped in history with one of the most iconic landmarks being St. Mary's Church. This magnificent example of medieval architecture has stood for centuries. Visitors can wander through the churchyard, admire the historic tombstones, and step inside to marvel at the beautiful stained glass windows and intricate woodwork.

Art enthusiasts will find much to admire in Dedham village, which was famously depicted in the works of renowned artist John Constable. Visitors can follow in Constable's footsteps by exploring the village and surrounding countryside, seeking out the picturesque landscapes that inspired some of his most famous paintings.

Dedham St Mary's Church

Walking, Cycling & Rowing

For those seeking outdoor adventure, Dedham village offers access to scenic walking and cycling routes, including the picturesque Dedham Vale Trail. Whether you're meandering along the riverbank, wandering through ancient woodlands, or exploring charming country lanes, there are routes to suit all ages and abilities.

When visiting Dedham why not hire a rowing boat to explore the waterways and surrounding rural views from the water. Hiring a boat has, for decades, been a popular attraction for visitors to Dedham (so it may be best to book in advance if visiting during the most popular months).

Dedham Rowing Boats

Eating & Drinking

After a day of exploration, visitors can unwind in one of Dedham village's quaint tearooms or traditional pubs, where they can sample delicious homemade treats and locally sourced fare. Alternatively, enjoy a scenic walk back to The Lion Brasserie and enjoy our exceptional food and hospitality. Book a table in advance of your stay.

 With its historic charm, scenic beauty, and warm hospitality, Dedham village is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a quintessentially English experience.

Dining near Dedham