Places to Visit Harwich

Steeped in Maritime History

Situated less than half-hour from East Bergholt and from The Lion lies the coastal town of Harwich. Harwich is an historic port town and is well worth a visit when you’re staying in East Bergholt.

Harwich History

Harwich is steeped in Maritime history which dates back centuries. The town's strategic location on the North Sea has made it a vital port throughout the ages, with a legacy that includes everything from medieval trade to naval warfare. Visitors can delve into Harwich's seafaring past by exploring its historic landmarks, such as the Harwich Redoubt Fort, which played a crucial role in defending the town during the Napoleonic Wars, and the Ha'penny Pier, where ferries and pleasure boats depart for destinations across the River Stour and beyond.

For history enthusiasts, Harwich offers a wealth of attractions to discover, including the Electric Palace Cinema, one of the oldest purpose-built cinemas in the country, and the Harwich Maritime Museum, which showcases the town's maritime heritage through interactive exhibits and artefacts. Additionally, the nearby village of Dovercourt, with its charming streets and historic buildings, provides a delightful backdrop for exploration and discovery.

Maritime History of Harwich

Walks in Harwich

Nature lovers will find much to admire in Harwich, with its scenic coastal walks, sandy beaches, and tranquil nature reserves. The Harwich Peninsula Trail offers breathtaking views of the coastline, while the nearby Essex Wildlife Trust reserves provide sanctuary for a variety of bird species and other wildlife. Whether you're strolling along the waterfront, birdwatching in the marshes, or enjoying a leisurely picnic on the beach, Harwich is a great place to connect with nature and unwind in the great outdoors.

Harwich Nature Walks

Festivals & Culture

In addition to its natural beauty and historic landmarks, Harwich boasts a vibrant arts and cultural scene, with a variety of events, festivals, and activities throughout the year. From live music performances and art exhibitions to food and drink festivals, there's always something happening in Harwich to entertain and inspire visitors of all ages.

When staying at The Lion, East Bergholt, Harwich, Essex, offers a perfect blend of maritime heritage, scenic beauty, and cultural attractions. Whether you're exploring its historic landmarks, enjoying its scenic coastal walks, or immersing yourself in its vibrant arts and cultural scene, Harwich invites you to discover the timeless charm and maritime splendour of this picturesque port town on the Essex coast.